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Are you single? Don’t feel down; there are lots of benefits that come with living a life free of romantic ties. By being a Let’s KISS Club member, you gain some knowledge on how to own the single life. We make it easy for you to better yourself, getting you in mental and physical shape for your future partner. Indeed, we leave our members with an abundance mindset, eliminating the need to swipe left-swipe right on dating apps; as well as teaching them how to properly date.

By becoming a member of our exclusive club, you gain valuable information on what dating should feel like; what makes dating fun; and how to avoid time wasters. With Ela’s high level of professionalism in matchmaking, Let’s K.I.S.S Club adequately caters to the urban single lady and gentleman between the ages 25-45, who need help taking control of their dating life.

Let’s K.I.S.S Club is a safe haven for singles looking for the ‘one’— singles who need help settling into the dating phase. Our club is founded on teaching the values of emotional connection; creating lovely dating experiences; and establishing numerous opportunities for singles to meet and connect. Here, we immerse our clients into a new world of fun, honest and healthy dating. 

We currently accept members from all over the US. 

Although members are not direct clients of Ela’s; we create unique matchmaking opportunities within the Let’s K.I.S.S Club. As a  member, you may be chosen  to be matched with one of Ela’s clients and or with an out-group member.





Become a member of Let’s Kiss Club and gain access to all our packages which includes matchmaking, singles coaching, image consulting and many others.

Singles Consulting

Be in tune with your single life. Take full advantage of your wants, hobbies and passions; and become the valuable person others would want to have in their lives.

Events & Vacations 

Never stay idle with our well-planned events and vacations. Stay connected with singles in and around the States; share your dating experience with people who care! 



Yes, you are the prize; you deserve the very best things of life including a fun, loving relationship. By being a member of Let’s Kiss Club, you take one step closer to happiness, self-fulfillment, and an overall better love life.



Ela has been a great listener and the voice of reason when it comes to decision making in my relationship with self or in pursuit of a relationship with someone else. 

Having her there holding me accountable is good reminder of the goals I had set and the plan to keep those values and goal without altering them to just be in a relationship.

she made me realize that even though its easier to change yourself to try to fit what you think someone wants, its the worst habit i created. she worked with me on sticking with my values and finding someone who is real for me. Doing so has made me much happier in relationships and being single.

- Dana H.

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