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Wedding / Event


Your Amazing Opportunity


Imagine adding an extra dash of magic to the weddings and events you organize. By joining our company as a creative partner, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to offer your brides and grooms a unique and unforgettable singles experience during their special day. This isn't just a chance to earn extra income – it's an opportunity to elevate your portfolio, expand your network, and connect with potential singles who may soon be walking down the aisle themselves. Joining us means accessing a whole new dimension of creativity, building powerful connections, and fostering remarkable partnerships. Let's create extraordinary moments and endless possibilities together!

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Welcome to the wedding partner application! We are thrilled about your interest and cannot wait to explore the incredible possibilities of our partnership. After completing the application, please allow 24-48 hours for our team to review and connect with you.
Are weddings the only type of events you or your team plans?
What region ae you located in?
Are you ready to unlock an exciting new stream of income?
Not ReallySomewhat On the fence Yes, Im Excited Absolutly, im ready NOW!
How many planners work within your agency?
Are you intrested in learning about all the other ways to earn with LKC as a Creative Patners?
Are you willing to sign a NDA/NCA?* This field is required. You won't be a secret, that's a promise! we just want to protect the privacy of our members and clients.
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See that wasnt that bad, We look forward to welcoming you to our family. NEXT STEPS: once accepted you will recieve another link where you set up your Creative Partner account. XoXo, Lets KISS Team

Apply Here

  • CP Test

    This is a test plan, Please purchase this one before proceeding to your permeant selection.
    Valid for 7 days
    • Wedding Partner Elite

      +$200 Admin Fee
      Valid for one year
      • Partner Referral Commissions*
      • Wedding & Event Planner Private Group
      • Commission on Experiences*
      • LKC Creative Partner Opportunities*
    • Wedding Partner

      +$200 Admin Fee
      Valid for one year
      • Access to Experiences
      • Wedding & Event Planner Private Group
    Wedding Plans
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